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Introducing EMBALLABLE, your new digital printing factory in Turckheim, France !

Emballable offers you an alternative for conventional digital printing solutions.

Specialized into goodies customization and personalized packaging, Emballable is your traditional and most original designer solutions of your specific event and simplified your daily business.

> Promotional goodies & Packaging customization 
Most of our communication support is on promotional goodies as pens, rulers, keyrings, ... But did you already think about extra-customising ? Tiny quantities, fully-colored ? Add your brand or even OEM ? Emballable offers you this solution using hand-made, artisanal or local products or promote european distributors.

You’ve got your goodies already ? Perfect ! Emballable can also print on. 
Do you wanna customize your boxes, packs, ... ? Few units even 1 ? we do it, choose Emballable.

> Botlles, glasses, cups, teaware, jars,..
A specific event with your original touch ? With his specific solutions, Emballable is able to print your creations directly on drinking glasses, bootles, jars, other glass support. Let's mark your event !

Event planners, find our "temporary print solution" on drinking glasses and plastic reusable cups : customize them for a specific event, go to the dishwasher and magic ! Your containers are brand-new again !

> Printing effect (selective varnish, relief, white-base)
Local producers, winemakers, brewers, ... Emballable offers a range of added-value print effects for your stickers, labels with specific print touchable effects : white-base/white-cover, selective varnish matte or glossy, even relief printing (as compatible Braille printing !) or night&day or light effects ! Moreover, to reach the top of originally and stand up your products, choose for labels-shaped adapted to your imagination ! Still without minimum quantities.

> One-unit, prototypes
Stucked by producers requires you a MOQ? Emballable accepts your order for few units or even 1 !
Emballable credo is Adaptation and Advicing.

> Digital printing, specific supports, ad equipment rental
Need to print your event, logo on floor adhesive, wallprint adhesive, or other specific supports ? Emballable offers a large range of specific medias (backlit, re-stickable, chalck compatible, floor, ...). 
Also, Emballable offers you a rent solution kakemono, rollup, stands needs, including of course your print wall or design.

Want to know further about Emballable ? Don't hesitate, contact me at tchiron@emballable.fr or +33 621 438 032 *

See you soon at Emballable, The Print Factory which gives you relief, to your projects !