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Les Jardins de Gaïa

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Les Jardins de Gaïa… many years of fair trade teas with the savoury taste of Nature

Walking the path of organic and fair trade teas leads to a journey around the world of tastes, smells, rural areas, traditions, colors and humanity.

We would like to share this path with you, teach you about tea, how we love it, through faces and pictures of different parts of the world, and pass on our experiences of this enchanting drink.

During our journey, we are gratified to find real progress on the field.

We, at the Jardins de Gaïa, consider organic and fair trade our philosophy. With this philosophy we guarantee Teas with delicious and distinct flavours, and we look to a future full of serenity, and in harmony with Men and Nature.

Les Jardins de Gaïa was founded in 1994. We were committed to organic farming and fair trade long before it became a matter of concern, we stayed the course and, today more than ever, we remain committed:

• We use local labour,
• We enter long-term supply agreements with our producers thereby building relationships,
• We provide advance financing for part of the harvest,
• We continuously improve the qualities of our teas,
• We guarantee volumes,
• We diversify the sources and the projects,
• We support small farms,
• We sponsor development milestones (and more than the obligatory allowances required in the fair trade label),
• We support biodynamic agriculture, in our eyes the only path for the survival of “Gaïa”.

We are fully committed to these principles within the framework of a truly sustainable development. The Earth and millions of people here as well as overseas are involved throughout the supply chain.