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14 rue des Dentelles
67000 Strasbourg

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Pain d’épices, delights of every kind

Mireille, who is tenderhearted and energetic, has many loves : the love of spices of course, of precious ingredients, of a family know-how, of refinement, of generosity. From her voyages, Mireille has brought back flavours, which she sprinkles liberally into her marvellous recipes. Orange blossom, fig, candied melon, pecan nuts, cashews, ginger and even goji berries re-invent the traditional pain d’épices (honey spice cake) recipes.

Today, Mireille elaborates on the traditional pain d’épices and transforms them, with her recipes, into veritable works of art. While Diderot ,the renowned 18th century French philosopher and writer promoted the medicinal attributes of pain d’épices, Mireille Oster focuses on guiding your taste buds and imagination away from the mundane and leads them to divine taste experiences. Never before have daring and delicacy, sweetness and spice, simplicity and abundance been so well matched. A love marriage, of course!