Mind Event - Dan Leclaire - Animateur Producteur Phygital

car régieL'équipe Mind Event et des invitésDan Leclaire Animateur photo by Patrick Strajnick & cup of Zidistanciation obligejamais sans ma Solene ,un  duo de Choc renversant !Studio Phygitalel'envers du décorplateau phygitale à l'EurometropoleMind Event siègeun peu d'humour !


Présentation Phygital Mind Event
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Enough Zoom, Teams, Go tomeeting or Skype etc ...?


We have the solution: the PERSONALIZED Phygital Pack!


Phygital? What is that ? a trend ? fashion ? Not a necessity!


Phygital animation means creating a digital and face-to-face experience with your employees.


some are present on the site of the event 'others are at home, in both cases we have to bring them together, involve them, engage them!


We have all known the setbacks of telework and distance school which have not always been a success ... and we have learned the lessons!


Interractivity, Sincerity, Humor, Rhythm & Emotions are the winning ingredients of our know-how.


PHYGITAL Premium Pack: 1 Animator - 3 Consulting Days - 4 Cameras + best OF D + 1


PHYGITAL Gold Pack: 1 Animator - 3 cameras - 1 Consulting Day


PHYGITAL Silver Pack: 1 facilitator - 1 day of counseling


Let's talk about it !