Members of the Board of Directors

This associative organisation, run by Mireille Dartus, is chaired by Robert Herrmann, Chairperson of the Strasbourg Eurometropolis.

The Vice-Chairperson is Patrick Libs, representing the Groupement National des Chaînes Hôtelières, the Secretary-General is Hervé Louis-Rhodes, full member of the Alsace Eurométropole CCI, and the Treasurer is Claude Feurer, Treasurer of the Strasbourg Convention Bureau.

The other members of the Board of Directors are (alphabetically): 

  • Philippe Choukroun, Director of Access Alsace
  • Vincent Debes, President of the Bas-Rhin Tourism Development Agency
  • Marie-Reine Fischer, Regional Councillor for the Grand Est Region
  • Jean-Louis Freyd, President of the Bas-Rhin section of the Alsace Chamber of Trade
  • Jean-Jacques Gsell, President of the Strasbourg and Surrounding Region Tourist Office
  • Ulrike Leibrecht, Destination agency
  • Jean-Jacques Mahr, Kieffercaterers
  • Jean-Philippe Maurer, General Councillor for the Bas-Rhin
  • Paul Meyer, Deputy Mayor of the City of Strasbourg, responsible for tourism
  • Maxime Muller, Brasserie Les Haras
  • Denis Ramspacher, Vice-Chairperson of the Alsace Chamber of Agriculture
  • Véronique Siegel, Groupement des Hôteliers Restaurateurs Débitants de Boissons du Bas-Rhin