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4 rue Denis Papin
67120 Duttlenheim

Contakt : Olivier PARENT

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Rustyle, an Alsatian joinery since 1971, a major player in the field of Christmas chalets, offers a wide range of products for exterior fittings, particularly for restaurants: chalets, pergolas, kiosks...

Our offer can be divided into two categories: dismountable equipment - which can be bought or rented; and permanent equipment.

Our strong points:

  • French manufacture in our 1,500 m2 workshop in Duttlenheim.
  • Tailor-made or personalised production thanks to our design office. We adapt to the needs of each customer: dimensions, colours, finishes...
  • Product quality, thanks to our mastery from design to installation.
  • Quality of services to satisfy our customers.
  • Expertise: our skilled carpenters and fitters have recognised know-how.