Members of the Board of Directors

This associative organisation, run by Mireille Dartus, is chaired by Claude Feurer, Delegate President of the Tourist Office of Strasbourg and its region.

The Vice-Chairperson is Sandrine Hugonot, representing the Groupement National des Chaînes Hôtelières, the Secretary-General is Fanny Fuchs, full member Chambre de Commerce et d'Industrie Alsace Eurométropole, and Jean-Jacques Mahr, Treasurer of the Strasbourg Convention Bureau.

The other members of the Board of Directors are (alphabetically): 

  • Christophe Caillaud-Joos, General Manager of Strasbourg Events
  • Claude Feurer, Tourist Office of Strasbourg and its region
  • Benoît Ghestem, Magnific Escapades Agency
  • Arnaud Greulich, Chamber of Trade of Alsace
  • Nathalie Kaltenbach, President of Alsace Destination Tourisme
  • Michèle Leckler, Eurométropole de Strasbourg
  • Jean-Philippe Maurer, European Community of Alsace
  • Maxime Muller, Brasserie Les Haras
  • Denis Ramspacher, Chamber of Agriculture of Alsace
  • Véronique Siegel, Group of Hotel, Restaurant and Beverage Outlets of the Bas-Rhin
  • Joël Steffen, elected representative in charge of tourism for Strasbourg city
  • Claude Sturni, Regional Councillor of the Grand Est Region and President of the Haguenau Agglomeration Community
  • Odile Uhlrich-Mallet, Vice-President of the Grand Est Regional Tourism Agency and Regional Councillor for the Grand Est Region