MAORN - évènements et team building

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Motivation and cohesion MAORN offers its services and solutions in order to organise your corporate events such as : seminars, opening ceremonies, incentive… Our solutions and activities are created to meet the needs of companies seeking cohesion improvement, motivation and development of human relationships within their teams and colleagues (Team Building).

We operate throughout Strasbourg and the Alsatian region as well as the Vosges Mountains, along the wine road and at some exceptional and "secret" places.

Our incentive:

- Evening in a yurt or refuge with wild boar on the spit,
- Lounge cruise around downtown Strasbourg (Ill river) with Evening buffet (dinner) and musical entertainment
- Original farm discovering...

 Our team building: Cooking Team Cup, artistic challenge, wine maker challenge, underwater challenge (scuba diving), olympics, GPS tour, hidden treasure, orienteering, etc.

Leisure: Segway, Mountain Bike, scuba-diving, canoe (Strasbourg and around), hiking, snowshoeing, archery, etc.

Our sustainable approach

Since its creation in 2008, MAORN has applied common sense principles in favor of the environment:

  • We no longer distribute plastic water bottles and tell customers to bring their own water bottle (reusable and economical)
  • Hot drinks are served in reusable cups
  • At the end of an event, we sort waste when there is any and when possible.
  • We have excluded motorized activities (quad, car rally, motorcycle, etc.), with the exception of Segways and VAEs.
  • In the digital sector, we only offer activities using customers' cell phones
  • Computers are systematically put on standby after 15 minutes of inactivity. They are completely switched off when leaving the office. No electrical appliance is kept on standby.
  • Reduction of stationery purchases to zero (except for the printer) by reusing/recovering ALL “drafts” from our activities (mainly logbook)
  • Optimization of transport and encouragement of carpooling – for all animators and instructors.
  • Encouragement of carpooling, bus and train for our customers, with hiking departures directly from the station when possible.
  • Choice of local service providers and guides
This provider is committed to sustainability, although it does not yet have a sustainability certification.