Eudaemonia - La Relation, La Cohésion

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As a producer of disruptive group-building activities, the Eudaemonia team mainly leads INDOOR activities, immersing your participants in the world of DIY and upcycling in a process of co-construction, innovation and CSR reflection. Here are a few examples of unusual activities, rarely used in team-building: introduction to graffiti, building a wind turbine, hijacking metal and plastic objects, building an arcade terminal from the famous Nintendo game (Mario Bross)...

The creations/manufactures of the teams are kept by your company, a guarantee of a diffused employer brand.

To make the employee experience different in a seminar, surprise by choosing a service provider focused on collective work in a playful way.

Our sustainable approach

Located in the heart of the Alsatian Vosges, our company sees from its windows the harmful effects of climate change on the forest. This is why we have created several group cohesion activities, to raise awareness among participants during seminars: creation of wind turbines associated with cycling to recharge the batteries, diversion of plastic containers/caps into everyday objects, use recovery of scrap metal in the creation of collective works.

For our strong demand for DIY equipment, we have committed to using a third-party tool sharing location.

Moreover, beyond our activity as an animation producer, our CSR approach extends over 2 axes:

  • Environment: by systematically sorting the waste resulting from our events and by bringing them back to the recycling centers, by rationalizing our impressions, by using as a source of our heating the wood of the trees which had to be cut because of the parasites (bark beetles)
  • Ethics: by striving to buy our objects in a thoughtful approach to sustainable development, using the short circuit to the maximum of our purchases

To sum up: what better message for your company than to select a partner precisely from the short circuit of events: we invent, we test and then animate!

This provider is committed to sustainability, although it does not yet have a sustainability certification.